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A better HTTP publishing script for App-V Clients



Recently I was involved with the customer who uses, amongst the traditional App-V Management Server –based RTSP publishing, a HTTP publishing script that was posted in the App-V Team’s blog mid-2010. This script constructs necessary APPLIST information out of manifest XML files detected on a virtual directory, but unfortunately it has some shortcomings which I decided to fix and present an enhanced version here as a replacement.

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Construction of a guest-based Hyper-V snapshot management software


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While traditionally I have been a fan of doing App-V (and before that, SoftGrid) sequencing by using a locally installed virtualization software (CHV, Client Hosted Virtualization) like VMware Workstation, for some time already I have actually resorted to using our Hyper-V environment for the sequencing purposes. This is largely because I’m using a laptop almost 100% of the time, and near ultra-portable laptop is not perhaps the best platform for doing client-side virtualization due to necessity of needing external hard drives and so forth.

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New (free) tool available for machine type checking



Time to get back into releasing some free tools for the benefit of the community at large! As of today we launched a new free tools page on our website, and the first new free tool that was added is simple but handy command-line tool to check what type of machine it is running on. […]

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