ExitVe – An escape hatch from the App-V virtual environment

Every now and then there might be a need to start processes outside the virtual “bubble”, from within the bubble; to effect changes to the real system or examine it without Virtual Environment (VE) being in a way. Since App-V does not natively offer such a capacity, I decided to write our own tool for doing just that: escaping the VE through a hatch!

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So what do I do, exactly?

Maybe somewhat surprisingly, I got some questions last Friday, during the first European App-V User Group day, about what exactly I do in the context of App-V…

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Even more new features for AVE 2.3

We opened up a beta testing opportunity for upcoming Application Virtualization Explorer, version 2.3 a few weeks ago. At that post we also announced new features that were going to be in the product and that were already available in the beta as well.
While the new features mentioned will be getting a more detailed coverage in the upcoming weeks, I just wanted to write to tell about few new features which the beta does not support but will be in the actual 2.3 release.

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What everyone and their mother should know about VFS in App-V, pt. 2 – Client –based operations for VFS folders and special behaviour of merged folders

In the previous article in the series, we discussed the different modes of Virtual File System (VFS) entries in a general level and exactly how application sees the files (and directories) stored in VFS –virtualized folders. This time over we are taking a little bit closer look at the client’s behavior when it comes creating new files or directories on these VFS-virtualized directories, as opposed to just reading in files that were carried over from the Sequencer.

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Trying out “The Cloud” for free

So a while ago I was researching available cloud platforms as an infrastructure platform for a little skunkworks project of ours, and decided to concentrate on the bigger players that I already did know about by the reputation – but not so much in nitty-gritty details. Namely these two players were Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s EC2 or (AWS).

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Beta testing opportunity for AVE 2.3

We have been working on the next “major minor” update to the Application Virtualization Explorer Professional -product for a while now, and since the release time is now starting to get close, I would like to announce opportunity for you to participate in beta testing. If you are interested in trying out AVE 2.3, and to […]

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An anatomy of one %SFT_ALLUSERS_DIR% variable…

I recently got the inquiry about the way AVE displays certain App-V variable, %SFT_ALLUSERS_DIR%. Since there’s more than meets the eye behind this variable, I thought to write up about it..

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App-V ABORTRESULT, SUCCESSRESULT and new free tool to make it better

A new free tool to use instead of OSD file’s ABORTRESULT and SUCCESSRESULT attributes for controlling launch process. For 4.6 RTM an newer App-V Clients.

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App-DNA gets acquired by Citrix

Well, that didn’t take long. Only few days after Quest acquired Changebase, today Citrix has announced the same for App-DNA.

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What everyone and their mother should know about VFS in App-V, pt. 1 – Fundaments of Virtual File System

In this new “mini-series” I will take a close look into a Virtual Filesystem (VFS) feature found in App-V, and some of the things that I feel should be understood by everyone doing VFS sequences and especially when trying to troubleshoot them.

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