Application Virtualization Explorer 2.4 has been released

We have just released a new version of AVE, version 2.4, which adds some new features and enhances the existing functionality in the product.

While this release doesn’t include support for upcoming App-V 5.0 formatted packages – and I know some of you have been asking for it already, please be patient as we are hard at work for building the next generation AVE for App-V 5.0 world! – it does contain new functionality such as searching inside virtual files as well as doing package expansion to the local machine. Naturally we also strive to provide even more compatibility with all the existing App-V packages in form of minor corrections here and there as well as plain old bug fixes.


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About Kalle Saunamäki

As one of the first four Microsoft App-V MVP's, Kalle has been doing application virtualization since 2003 and virtualization in general from 2000, and is a recognized in-depth technological expert in Microsoft application virtualization community.

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3 Comments on “Application Virtualization Explorer 2.4 has been released”

  1. Ben De Vriese Says:

    Hey Kalle, the previous version (2.3.5) is still the only one that can be downloaded from


  2. Ben De Vriese Says:

    typo: “Found”


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