Be seeing you in HP DISCOVER 2011 Europe next week



Almost immediately after getting back from the excellent App-V European User Group Day last week, I’m heading back to the mainland Europe next Monday for  HP‘s premier (European) enterprise event of the year, Discover 2011 in Vienna. This trip was graciously arranged by HP for which I thank them for!

Truth to be told, there’s of course lot of content (over 500 sessions for all that HP does, which apparently is a lot) that does not really relate to me or our main expertise; applications, virtualization and cloud, but there are several interesting sessions in the context of those things as well. I also have to admit that beforehand I do not really know all that well how HP as a vendor plays in those areas, but I’m sure I’m going to be much educated after the event after attending some of those sessions and hopefully after talking with the HP’s folks.

Especially interesting personally to me – based on what I could gather based on the session descriptions – will be the tracks covering application transformation issues. From what I understand, some of those will deal with some of the same things that we as an application virtualization or Windows application experts deal in our daily life: how, why and with what technologies you should go when maintaining the lifecycle of your enterprise application portfolio. And there’s some application lifecycle management sessions that I probably would like to attend, looking mostly from the software vendor perspective on how to manage software projects.

In addition to application -specific content, there’s also Converged Infrastructure -track, which has some interesting sessions in the subtrack of Virtualisation; as well as some interesting-sounding sessions in the Enterprise Security -track and the Cloud -track. Well, will be interesting overall if only having enough time to see all that there is.

By the way, just to briefly comment on the subject of selecting those sessions mentioned above: my main hardship, if I can put it that way, was really to distinguish more technical sessions from the general business-level sessions. I mean, in the Catalogue you do have the opportunity to filter by level and session type, but not so in while in the schedule picking individual timeslots.

So as an improvement suggestion to HP for upcoming events: please make it more visible in the “My schedule” view (which I rather use to pick the events since it shows the calendar view, instead of selecting sessions in that one huge Session Catalogue) what is the type of the session, besides listing it indirectly in the session id (like TB4045). I cannot for the world to remember what all the two-letter acronyms meant, and it would have helped to see in a separate column if the session is either technical or more business-oriented… and with what “deepness”.

Because of the event, next week we probably have more of the coverage from HP’s event and it’s sessions I found interesting in this blog than the usual App-V related content. And, seeing that quite many other App-V MVPs as well are coming over to the event besides me, one just can’t help but wonder if HP is moving into this space as well..?!

Be seeing you, in Vienna!

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As one of the first four Microsoft App-V MVP's, Kalle has been doing application virtualization since 2003 and virtualization in general from 2000, and is a recognized in-depth technological expert in Microsoft application virtualization community.

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