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Construction of a guest-based Hyper-V snapshot management software


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While traditionally I have been a fan of doing App-V (and before that, SoftGrid) sequencing by using a locally installed virtualization software (CHV, Client Hosted Virtualization) like VMware Workstation, for some time already I have actually resorted to using our Hyper-V environment for the sequencing purposes. This is largely because I’m using a laptop almost 100% of the time, and near ultra-portable laptop is not perhaps the best platform for doing client-side virtualization due to necessity of needing external hard drives and so forth.

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How to set Windows compatibility settings for App-V package, the easy way



There is a Compatiblity -tab in the Windows Explorer when you take the properties from a executable, which can then be used to set certain pre-defined compatibility mode settings for a program. It might not be so intuitive, however, to set those same settings for virtual applications as you probably have discovered when trying to set compatibility for applications running in App-V “bubble”. In this post, I will demonstrate how to utilize OSD scripting to do what you would normally do through Windows Explorer UI.

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How fast are the updates to App-V package with AVE? Fast!



It so happened a while ago that I was on consulting day for a customer and we needed to make smallish update to an existing App-V package I originally did with Sequencer (because AVE does not currently have a monitoring functionality nor package creation from scratch). This update was only about adding a bunch of files to the sequence (some additional data/definition files for the application within) and as I did not had AVE installed on their packaging machine, I went with the usual Sequencer route. I soon discovered that I shouldn’t have done that…

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Tips for troubleshooting (some) INF install failures under App-V Sequencer



In a recent post over at the Microsoft’s Technet App-V forums, original poster had the issue during Star Office 8 sequencing wherein middle of the process Windows would just pop up a error message that INF file could not be installed correctly. Let’s find out how to track the source for such an error.

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